Why we need art, music and punk? Art is Random
More meaningless Information against our digital machines
In order to act autonomously in our information network, it is necessary to own encrypted identity. To generate these encryption it is necessary to make truly random numbers. These truly random numbers can only be generated beyond our physical system. We can find opportunities outside of our system:
* In the quantum field * theory.
* On the decay of atomic nuclei.
* In spirits and dream worlds.
* At the frontiers of our universe.
* In case of a parity-violation * In the "meaningless" and "senseless" NON Information or art.
Radio Telescope is an Art Scultpure RT03
(reassembled 2003)
More Art against the Information
The Stream and Paintings

The Problems in the age of globalization
Whats wromg with the Net
Remember-- : The moon isnt there when nobody looks to him
Chouse the future of humans - be part of senseless information - make art

Ein Radioteleskop als Quelle sinnfreier Information

Randomize our World.
   Freedom to the Information and Technology.
Use the stream from the universe to generate your privacy

Text to Franz Xaver -
The Position in Space now
The Stream from Outer Space(.ogg)