"Title of the Installation 2009: God is playing dice again"

In the beginning was Entropy, but:

Is reality real?

Life is NegEntropy!

Creativity is NegEntropy!!!

Is information a physical constant?

Or is dark matter the birth of information?

Nature is coincidence and information our enemy!

The solution of the crisis....... Art could be NegInformation and bring back the entropy!

The audiosignal is live from the radio teleskop RT03 (but a little bit delayed: thousands of lightyears)

The art exhibition  "Waves - The Art of the Electromagnetic Society" at the  PHOENIX Halle in Dortmund 2008 (hmkv, rivc). A dice  was build up with length of the edge around 150 cm. The eye of the dice was build up with 24 Speakers. The visitors can hear the hydrogen sound (noise) of the universe. Thanks to Armin Medosch, Inke Arns and HMKV


The Position in Space now The Stream (.ogg)