The Radio Telescope since 1993 - relaunch 2003 (RT03) - is searching for the information in the Universe

Our research is not only in context of sience. In our resaerch we have also the position of art in opposite to the sematic world of the internet.

Some Questions for the Overview:

Where is the relationship between Information technology  and the crises?

Is there a kind of information in the universe which is free of sense?

Is it for an human person possible to generate information free of sense?

Why we need information free of sense?

Is information our enemy - nature versus information?

Is dark matter  a kind of information?

If we want know more about the our economy and finance crisis, we have to understand what is the information and what is the information technology. The solution for understanding information is to split it. Maybe in the normal Information (like our  information in the Internet -  it is shannons information) and information which is free of sense (like information in our dreams, music or somthing else  in artcontext). For example this perspective can be an artpiece and a quasitheory. Media and Net Art can be involved because Information is part of this genre .

What is media art? The Information technology splits the media art in the mid-nineties of the last century from the classical art context. The interfaces between humans and computer systems were getting simpler. The tranfer of artworks to  digital media becomes easier and could be made without knowledge of technology. Artists of all genres could use this interfaces to the digital media to mediate their works. But some artists who had worked at this time with technologies had real problem with the independence of this media and the definition of media art.

The era of classical media artist as an inventor who is working only on his own systems, was gone. The unique and independent artworks, was suddenly outdated. Intellectual thinking for artists was changing.

So, what was the problem?

It seems that the descriptions of media art and all utopias of the eighties was created from a other genre. With the Internet a interactive, interdisciplinary and a new distributed thing was born. The Thing. One of the last classical media art work in the old art-context was made by Wolfgang Staehle, Helmut Mark, Max Kossatz... and was titled: the Another net-artwork was in austria was the Electronic Gallery from Kunstlabor (Franz Xaver, Oskar Obereder, FE Rkunschan Max Kossatz). With progression technology of information, was a possibility to combine all the utopias of the eighties, interactive, interdisciplinary and distributed working, in digital layers. In the early years of programming home computers, before layer technology was "opensource" Software, the Artists could work with digital technology in a classical art context, but it was always in a dependency to a company. The solution for people, who cared for more independent thinking, freedom and creativity was an open-source system called: Linux. But classical artists and the art market had a problem with this, because the parameters of copyright was changing. In this period you can see a generational change in computer technology as well as in media art. "Net Art" (what ever this is), redeemed the "Media Art"

It seems everything was fine, but something was wrong with relations between the things media, net, information and art. Classical art as well as media art can have a content free of sense. But in the "World of Information" is no place for things with free of sense. Free of sense do not mean senseless things. Art is necessary. We are looking forward, and we see not a problem with art we see a problem with the information. If it ist to much Neg entropie in our world the parity is in jeopardy. If there is to much logic there is no counter balance to the information. The theory of information (Shannon) says the opposite of information is redundancy. This means: only the difference between two things is information. This definition is too narrow, and for an artist there have to be more things in relation to the information. The evulotion shows us a alternative way to handle Information. There are dreams, drugs and music (the first art piece). A Information free of sense and necessary for life. It's time to bring freedom and future into this stupid classical technical term of information. The nature shows a way but in the moment this is incompatible with our technology of information. If we want to come forward we need more things in the opposite direction. It is not easy to create an artificially information which is free of sense. In our solution (RT03) we use a radiotelescope. With this device we can work close to the border of the our cosmos. The border of cosmos is also the border of our reality.

We have to do this, because in a closed system (our reality) you can not get a true "free of sense" (random) signal. Everything depends on everything else. You have to go to the edge of our reality, on the border of our system. Sometimes we have to leave the principle of science, to bring both kind of informations together. Only a Information in a classical technology together with a information free of sense or the information of art can bring us in a new area. In our Technology we have to learn the artificially dreaming.

In the history of technical research, art or other sources of senseless information are not serious and useful enough to be a part of developments.

For example if you are working in a technical profession, to sleep, abstract painting or music is always part of leisure time and not part of your work. But after the last mysteries in the science are gone and the negative entropy expands, a information which is free of sense is one of the most important things of this world. To liberate the classical information in a technical way could be a next level for programming computers. Media(technology) and art could be the link between senseless and classical information, this means media-art is not a classical art discipline and not a classical technical development tool. Information which is free of sense is in the future not only something for our leisure time, it becomes a part of professional work.

If you want to work with art and technology, you have to imply the strangest things (such as an information free of sense) which you can find inside and outside our horizon.

In nature there is the mystery of our dreams to generate information free of sense, but in the world of information technology this link does not exist.

One idea more: If Information is not only in our brain, maybe there is a possibility that information is everywhere. But where is the storage for this information? Maybe there is something in the universe like a strange matter or water. The universe starts to expand from  the big bang on. Space-time was born. If also Information was created at this time, Information cant be in the continuum with this space-time, because space-time is a knowledge of Information. Is there a possibility that information goes in the other direction, space-time is expanding and at the same time information is in the opposite compressing. And if Information is compressing since the universe is expanding then I think it could be possible that all the life on our earth comes in a very compressed state from outer space. The evolution is decompressing the Information since this time.

Anyway, if we want to work with Information we have to separate two different kinds of Information. With our radio telescope we can receive information which is hundred of thousand years old, and the information is not so strong compressed.