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The Art of the Fugue

Process-oriented Art between life and physics

Digital Art from 1986 to 2012  -
from 6502(Commodore VC20) to AMD64


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A continuous division from 1 to 0. First Time we showed this Art installation in a small Gallery 1984.  This mathematic function controls other art pieces after inserting a coin.
Title of the Exhibition: Consume and Communication between One and Zero.

The methode to get the fugue:

A endless loop starts at two and add the next value.


Each digit of the result  is scanned of  orderliness.  The range we guess a order we colored the digit.

Here for example at the 8. and 9. digit the 8. and 9. digit with diffrent red - the 10. and 11. digit with diffrent green and 12. and 13. digit diffrent blue.

n= 0.0000000000152342124325345234. andere
in other way 

R= red G=green B=blue
The color of this interation is: "#124325"

The dosn't matter  how big is the screen
In our example we chose 256 cloums and 256 rows.

In one Picture are 65536 pixels (256 x 256) Bildpunkte. 

More explanation


The result is:

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