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Get 5000 Givecoins for free - 0.0012 GIVs Remaining - Jan 2019

Givecoin is a Blockchain project by Punkaustria -- Feb 2014 -- and a part of the Project

Make your own Paperwallet with Banknotes

22th June 2018 / Austria / DEPOT Vienna - Ongoing _ STWST Linz

Print the private key of 10 GiveCoins on a 10 EURO banknote. Or:
50 GIVs on 50 EURO
5 GIVs on 5 EURO
All -paper- currencies accepted. For example:
1 GIVs on 1 USD

Falls du deinen Privat-Key hier in das Webwallet eingeben moechtest lese zuerst hier!

Visit our Blockexplorer
Make your  Web Wallet.

OR: Paint your own money!(limit is 1000 units) -- Send it to us! -- We will sign it!

How it Work:
Come to our Punk Office in Linz - Austria, STWST - Kirchengasse 4
OR: Send money or paintings of money in a postal envelope - we will send it back immediately

Our address; Punk Austria
Kirchengasse 4
4040 Linz

Or exchange directly @Punkdirection fx

You don't have to mine the givecoins. There are GIVs for free - visit us in STWST , close to the ars Electronica Center Linz/Austria.  

Destroy constructed capitalism. Destroy Fiatmoney. Make paying things individual.
GiveCoin are_not 2GIVE && GiveCoin are_not GIVES
Givecoin (GIV) - a blockchain since 2014